Optimal Health for Peak Performance

OPTIMAL HEALTH for peak performance





The human body is too interconnected for dysfunction in one area to not have an affect on the entire body. We see this with people who have prolonged pain and injury, restriction, chronic tightness, stress and poor movement.

Everything is tied in and therefore the approach to dysfunction in our bodies has to be an integrated full body approach in order to find balance. Otherwise, we are just treating symptoms of a much larger problem.

At WMW, we aim to empower you and align your life with health and wellbeing.

We take individuals and help them achieve optimal health for peak performance. By doing so, we adopt a very integrative approach to training, which incorporates techniques to desensitize the body’s response to stress and dysfunction. This includes breathing work, mental training, mediation, cold and heat therapy, myofascial and trigger point release. We integrate the key pillars of health into a client’s training and daily life.

Training that challenges the body physically and mentally, with the objective to get you moving without restriction, without pain and without limitation. We focus on imbalance not only in the musculoskeletal system but the nervous and respiratory systems. We train you to have better awareness and control of your body’s movements, breathing mechanics and connection between the mind and the body.

We incorporate recovery into your daily life rather than looking at is as something you do the day after training. And as such we create resilient bodies and minds with focus on sustained change that supports longevity and balance.

"I stopped taking pain medications, I stopped sitting, I stopped nursing my hips and I started moving with intent"

I have always felt free in my body, free to move and do whatever I wanted to do. But in my 20s I knew something was not right. I felt tight and restricted through my hips and lower back and it was a surfing injury abroad that sparked ongoing hip issues. As these hip issues got progressively worse, I was forced to give up kickboxing and watch as my surfing ability slowly regressed.

I become desperate for a solution. I started searching for help everywhere I could, you name it I tried it. At the age of 33, I looked to surgery as the last hope to get me back in the water and back to health. However, the surgery was deemed a failure and I experienced a rapid decline in hip function and a dramatic increase in pain.

I was exhausted, irritable, scared and panicked by the thought of living in this dysfunction. I was told by 3 separate orthopedic hip surgeons to have bilateral hip replacements. This was a pretty low point in my life.

It was during one of the many weekly sessions that I was having with specialists that I decided I was going to stop relying on others. This signified the start of a deep, intense and unremitting dedication to my own physical health.

After years of incremental progress, setback and trial and error, I began looking deeply into human physiology and used my knowledge of health science to better understand the human body and its functions.

There was one question that I kept asking myself over and over again, what if my pain and dysfunction is not being caused by my bone spurs and hip impingement?

Our bodies adapt to our specialization, whether that be sitting for 8 hours a day, surfing, building, it doesn't matter what it is, it creates muscle imbalance. This is when everything connected and I finally implemented an integrative approach to training and dysfunction. An approach that was so inclusive that no stone was left unturned. I spent an entire year relentlessly focusing on my own body. I stopped taking pain medications, I stopped sitting, I stopped nursing my hips and I started moving with intent.

Fast forward to today and I have a strong resilient body that is functioning all cylinders. I still have hip dysfunction but I have created strength and stability around this. I surf and train every day and am still committed to learning about the human body and how to achieve optimal health, not only for myself, but for my clients.

One thing I know without a shred of doubt is that our bodies want to fix themselves we just have to give them the right stimulus and this has to be an integrated, all-inclusive approach to creating strength, resilience, and balance in our bodies.

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Dave Wood.

Founder – Dave Wood

-Foundation Training Certified
-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer
-Ten years of clinical experience in the Health Sector as an Intensive Care Paramedic.